DPACK-F Updated PPT Output!

Sam Kirchoff

Last week we updated our Rapid File Characterization Software called DPACK-F.

In the future this will be called File Optics and will include a product code named “Squeeze!”, but more about that later :)

Today DPACK-F is a SMB/NTFS file walking scan that will very quickly, like 10GBs per second quickly, run through a file system and identify these 8 pieces of data.

  • Created Date
  • Last Accessed
  • Last Modified
  • File Type or Extension
  • File Size
  • File Count
  • Optional: Compression Potential
  • Optional: De-Dupe potential

It’s amazing what you can do with these 8 pieces of data to formulate very interesting views of your data. Most importantly it will give you the information you need to understand your potential to archive data or prune tier 1 storage to a more economical platform.

DPACK and DPACK-F are very different. While traditional DPACK is looking at performance based data, DPACK-F is looking at file level metadata and these means it will produce its own workload as it combs through the file system.

We have set the scan the most optimal settings, but we give you the ability to tweak throttles and set low and high scan periods based on work hours.

In most commercial spaces these scans will occur pretty fast, but if you attempt to scan PBs of data then you to expect this will take a corresponding about of time!

Only PPT format is available at this time, but we will eventually integrate this into the Viewer you are used to with DPACK.

DPACK-F does NOT do NAS performance. We made a judgement call and we decided that NAS performance was much more meaningful to IT Pros than performance. People want to know what is creating their storage and who much of it is just archive!

Here are a few screen shots of my home lab! Go try it out!







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