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As a consumer of IT products and services you are probably very familiar with the regular call from the vendor community. In an evaluation period you might have the same discussions on requirements with 2-3 or even more vendors as you evaluate options for a project… and do this for every project.

Most often they will ask you questions about performance that you might not have the answers too. You are probably also accustom to hearing lots of performance claims touted by various vendors about their products capabilities.

How do you make sense of it all? How do you know what your unique requirements are for a project? More often than not, you likely don’t. This has led to a practice of overcompensation as an insurance policy, but you don’t have to deal with it anymore.

What if you could just record and digitally package up those requirements and distribute that in a standard way across the industry? Well you can and DPACK does it for you.

DPACK has commoditized a base level of metrics needed to make the decisions like investing in a storage array, moving to the cloud, or infrastructure consolidation projects. DPACK has packaged this up in an online portal where you can safely and securely choose to share performance captures with those that help you make decisions.

The data is yours. You share it with who you want.

There is no fee to use DPACK for anyone. To get your account simply tell your Dell sales rep “I want a DPACK account!”


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