DPACK Training For Partner/OEM Users


The DPACK team provides free live webinars worldwide on a weekly basis.  These courses are  hosted by our team of DPACK experts in various languages to accommodate as many worldwide users as possible.  The live training courses provide an introduction to the DPACK program and provide a walk through of the portal demonstrating how to navigate around the DPACK portal as well as the procedures to use DPACK as a DPACK Partner User or OEM User.  Each course is limited to 100 attendees and requires registration through our webinar training system.  

The DPACK training schedule document has been posted below for access by DPACK Users.  Each date has its own registration link which is required to complete before accessing the training.  

If there are any issues getting registered to a DPACK training course, please submit a ticket with the DPACK Support Team (click here). 

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