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DPACK has changed the process that end users (customers) interact with DPACK.  This KB Article is designed to demonstrate the process end users must go through to access the DPACK portal, download/run the DPACK collector, and request project preparation and analysis to view analytic performance metrics in the project they create.


Prerequisite Information

  • DPACK collector software is already downloaded either directly from a DPACK portal account or via a direct email sent by the DPACK portal as part of request by Systems Consultant.


Step 1:  Configure and run DPACK collector

Extract DPACK software to your local computer and execute the DPACK software.  Configure DPACK, including adding all remote servers and enabling the data streaming, and begin data capture.  


Note:  By default DPACK will create an SIOKIT data file in the current folder where DPACK is executed.  This data file is created as a backup should the direct transfer of collector data to the DPACK servers fails.


Step 2:  Login to DPACK with your credentials and access your profile

Access the DPACK portal (https://dpack2.dell.com) and login with your account credentials.

If you have never logged into DPACK before, click on the first time login URL in the account activation email sent to you after you were registered to the DPACK program. 

Step 3:  Access DPACK project and review data

DPACK will automatically create a project for a collector run that is streamed back to the DPACK servers.  You will notice a new DPACK project is listed at the top of Recent Projects.  Click "View Projects" link to access your project and review the information.


Additional Notes

  • DPACK allows End Users to share their projects with any registered DPACK account.  Click here to read the DPACK sharing tutorial.
  • To create a PDF report of a DPACK project, click here to view the DPACK report tutorial.


UPDATED:  12/7/2016

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