DPACK: End User Self-Service Password Reset Guide



DPACK 2.0 has transformed the way customers access their data.  Each customer is registered with their own account on the DPACK 2.0 portal with the ability to use the self-service password reset function should they no longer be able to login.  This article details the steps a customer should take if they need to reset their password in DPACK 2.0.


Step 1:  Navigate to DPACK 2.0 Password Reset Site

There are two ways to access the DPACK 2.0 Password Reset site.  First, click on https://dpack2.dell.com/account/forgotpassword to be taken directly to the DPACK 2.0 Password Reset site.  Second, if you are already at the DPACK 2.0 login page (https://dpack2.dell.com, click on the "Forgot Password?" link to start your password reset process.



Step 2:  Enter Email Address

In order for the DPACK 2.0 system to know which account should have its password reset, enter your email address into the space below the "Forgot your password"heading on the page.  After you have entered your email address, click Submit.



If you receive the "E-mail Notification Sent"message, there were no errors and a system generated email was sent to your email address with the password reset link.



Step 3:  Password Reset Email Notification

In your email, there should be a message from dpack_no_reply@dell.com.  Please open the message and copy/paste the password reset link into your web browser.


Note:  Should you not receive a message from DPACK, please check the Junk Mail folder in your email client and the any mail filter to ensure it did not get flagged as Spam.

Step 4:  Change DPACK 2.0 Account Password

When prompted to enter a new password for your DPACK 2.0 account, please enter your new password and also the confirmation verification password.  Once completed, click "Submit"to continue.

Note:  Passwords must be between 8 -20 characters and must contain at least one number or symbol.



If your password reset request was processed successfully, you will receive the below notification with the link back to the DPACK 2.0 portal login page.  Please login to DPACK 2.0 to ensure that you are able to access your portal account.




Updated:  6/14/2016

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