DPACK: How to Reset Your End User's Password



DPACK 2.0 has changed the process that end users (customers) interact with DPACK.  This KB Article is designed to demonstrate the process end users must go through to access the DPACK portal, download/run the DPACK collector, and request project preparation and analysis to view analytic performance metrics in the project they create.


Step 1:  Login to DPACK 2.0 with your credentials

Access the DPACK 2.0 portal (https://dpack2.dell.com) and login with your account credentials.

If you have never logged into DPACK 2.0 before, click on the first time login URL in the email sent to you after you were registered to the DPACK program.


Step 2:  Go to Search & Manage Users page

Click on “Search & Manage Users” button to begin your search for your customer's DPACK 2.0 portal account



Step 3:  Search for End User's portal account

On User Management page, enter your End User's email address into the search field under "Search Users" and click the "Search" button.  This will search for any customer accounts linked to your account with the provided email address and display the results.  Click on your End User's account link and proceed to next step.Step_3.PNG


Note:  If you do not get any results using your customer's email address, you can enter other search criteria (eg. First Name, Last Name, Account Name, etc).


Step 4:  Send customer password reset notification

Within the account details for your customer's DPACK 2.0 portal account, there is a button at the bottom of the page called, Send Reset Password Email." Please click the button to initiate a password request for your customer with the DPACK 2.0 system.Step_5_FINAL.png



Step 5:  End User follow up

You will receive an onscreen notification from the DPACK 2.0 portal that an email has been sent to your End User with instructions on how to reset their password.  Please follow up with them to ensure that they receive this email notification and that they are able to reset their account password and access the DPACK 2.0 portal.




Updated:  6/15/2016


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