What is DPACK?


When approaching any storage or virtualization initiative, Dell implements a best practice of collecting performance information on the environment. The collected data is analyzed in order to provide an understanding of the current environment, which allows Dell to properly design and plan a scalable virtualization and storage solution. This is part of the value of doing business with Dell and is complementary to you as our customer.

Definition (DPACK):

Dell's Performance Analysis Collection Kit or DPACK is a lightweight, remote, and agent-less collection tool that supports the monitoring of many servers. DPACK consists of three components: the Portal, the Project, and the Collector. The Collector is the tool that is used to gather data from servers and traditionally runs for a period of 24 hours. The recommended procedure is for the collector to send data in near real-time to the Dell servers, over a secure, encrypted connection. If sending in real-time is not an option, after the collection period has completed, the collector will also produce a file called the IOKIT file, with an extension of .iokit. These files are small enough to return to your Dell Systems Consultant or your Dell Reseller by email. Alternatively, you may simply login to the DPACK portal and upload the IOKIT file.

Several protocols are used during the collection processes and the utmost attention to the security of your company has been considered. Each Protocol is explained under the respective Operating System tutorial.

You can run more than one instance of DPACK, i.e. one or more Linux collectors and one or more Windows collectors, and the resulting data can be combined into a single project.

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