How To Create a DPACK Report (PDF/PPT)



The preferred method to interact with a DPACK collector run is in the form of a project via the online DPACK Viewer to take advantage of the dynamic nature of the DPACK portal.  There still may be instances where a PDF report is still required to be generated.  This tutorial will walk through the steps needed to create a PDF report from a DPACK project. 

Prerequisite Information

  • DPACK project has been created from one or more completed DPACK collector runs.


Step 1:  Open project and click "Create Project Report"

From inside the DPACK Viewer of a selected project, click the Create Project Report button on top of the project windows.  Please note that if you want to remove any of the devices or disks within a PDF or PPT report, the changes will need to be completed prior to entering the report creation module.



Step 2:  Select criteria and generate report

The DPACK reporting module has recently added the ability to create PowerPoint reports in addition to PDF reports.  The options to create reports are very similar between the both formats and are listed for each file type below.  Once complete, click Generate Report to submit the request for processing.

   a.  PowerPoint Report


 b.  PDF Report


Step 3:  Download report

After processing has completed, the PDF/PPT report should be available for download.  In some browsers, the report will automatically download or prompt to specify the location where it should be saved.


DPACK PDF Report Video Tutorial



Updated:  3/23/2017


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