Creating Project With Multiple Collector Runs



This KB Article is designed to demonstrate the steps a DPACK user (End User, Dell User, and Channel Partner/OEM User) should take to create a project with multiple collector runs.  

Prerequisite Information

  • All DPACK collector runs are already available within the DPACK account creating the project.  This can be accomplished by either an End User previously sharing one or more projects with a DPACK account, data was streamed to the DPACK account of either a Dell User or Channel partner account during a collector run via requested DPACK capture, and uploading of SIOKIT files by Dell User and Channel Partner accounts.


Step 1:  Login to DPACK 2.0 with your credentials and access your profile

Access the DPACK 2.0 portal ( and login with your account credentials.

If you have never logged into DPACK 2.0 before, go to and request your account be created or contact your Dell Sales Team and request they register you to the DPACK portal.


Step 2:  Click View Collector Runs button on DPACK dashboard

To search collector runs associated with a DPACK account, click the View Collector Runs button on the DPACK dashboard.  This will allow a DPACK user to review all of their collector runs.


Step 3:  Add collector runs to action group

Scroll down in Collector Runs search page until the list of associated collector runs is show.  For all of the DPACK collector runs that are to be assigned to the project being created, click Add to Group.



Each collector run selected should look similar to below.



Step 4:  Enter name of DPACK project and submit request

After all collector runs are selected, click "View Group" and expand the Group Actions section.  The only remaining task is to provide a name of the new project and click Apply.  This will begin the processing of the DPACK project.Name_Project.PNG

Once all collector runs are uploaded and the project has been created, the following notice should popup on the screen.  Click OK to be sent to the DPACK Viewer for the project.



Step 5:  Project is ready for review

You will now be able to access your project from the dashboard of your DPACK account.  Go to the dashboard and click on the project to review the data.




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