DPACK Basics: The DPACK Viewer


The DPACK Viewer is used to view the results of a collector’s performance capture.

The DPACK Viewer is the interactive interface for viewing the details of a Project.  Specifically, it is a function of the DPACK web portal.  The viewer is automatically launched when a Project is selected and renders the data in the project into useful, easy to view details both graphically and numerically.  Data senarios can be manipulated to display specific times, include objects, or exclude objects such as servers. The Viewer can recalculate these scenarios and can be saved for future use in any state.   The viewer is also used to perform actions such as sharing the project with other DPACK users.

The DPACK Viewer’s left side tree navigation allows you to explore object level details and performance data starting at each server down through disks/LUNs, NICs, and even cluster disk data.

The default summary of the Viewer is the Aggregation of the project and considering the full time elapse of the recording.

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